About Rakvere 

Rakvere is located in Northern Estonia, Lääne-Viru county and it is also the center of the county.

Population: 15040

Area: 1073 m2










RAKVERE - it is a combination of culture, history, and greenery!

Rakvere is a fast developing smart city with a long history and has lots of greenery and diverse culture.

Rakvere City Festival, organized to celebrate the city's birthday in June, give a face to the cultural events and, The Music Days of Arvo Pärt, the honorary citizen of Rakvere, will take place in autumn. Well-known are also Theaterfestival Baltoscandal and Punksongcelebration and the dance performance which unites generations -  Men's Dance Festival.



Rakvere is one of the 2020 Sustainable Top100 destinations.

The International Sustainable Tourism Success Stories Competition is organized by Green Destinations to recognize destinations that work to make the visitor experience more sustainable and value-based. Rakvere submitted to the competition to make Soviet-era apartment buildings in the heart of the city more energy efficient, as a result of which, in addition to saving the costs of the residents of 52 apartment buildings, a large part of the city has a new and nice look and become more attractive to visitors.


See how the city of Rakvere introduces itself as a sustainable and green destination on the Good Travel Guide website HERE.




Rakvere was awarded the bronze level of the Green Destination

The environmental auditors of the international sustainable tourism development organization Green Destinations assessed the city of Rakvere as a Green Destination worthy of a bronze level.


During the in-depth evaluation process, a report of 100 criteria had to be completed and defended at the destinations, mapping the current situation in areas important for sustainable tourism. The strengths of the destination and areas for development were assessed.