Estonian Police Museum

Tallinna 3, Rakvere


Photo: Rakvere Tourist Information Centre



The Estonian Police Museum is located at the beginning of Pikk Street in a historical building on Tallinna Street.

The Estonian Police Museum, opened in 2013, is an interactive museum-theme park for the whole family, where visitors can experience the daily work of the police through self-activity and play.

The museum provides important police work and collects and preserves the historical heritage of the police. There you can measure your reaction speed while driving, put on police equipment, take fingerprints, become a special unit, a pre-trial investigation laboratory specialist, measure speed on the street and much more. Family little ones play in a police themed playroom. The lively courtyard has a skill track, electric cars, a helicopter, a motorcycle, a police station and a traffic court.

For a visit to the main house without a guide, there is an electronic guide (EST, ENG, RUS, FIN, GER, LV, LT) that is light and easy to use on your own phone or tablet on site.

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Photo: Estonian Police Museum