Label "You are safe here"

Rakvere City Government recommends, company confirms:




The responsible tourism, catering and accommodation companies of the city Rakvere carry the consumer label "YOU ARE SAFE HERE".

The consumer label indicates that a restaurant, café, bar, or hotel has joined a goodwill agreement developed by the city of Rakvere with the aim of jointly curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

By using the label, the company confirms compliance with the goodwill agreement without exception and compliance with the instructions of the Health Board.



These companies confirm that they comply with all of the Health Board's COVID-19 codes of conduct for accommodation leisure and catering in order to ensure people's well-being and good health


Sushi Tiger OÜ

Würts Studio OÜ

Berliini Trahter OÜ

Ersikada Invest OÜ ( Bamboo Garden)

Ararat Grill OÜ

MLCP Haldus OÜ ( Apartments 24)

Villa Theresa OÜ


*Constantly updated