Rakvere Castle

Vallimägi, Rakvere














Photo: Kaupo Kalda



Photo: Elvis Antson


Coming to Rakvere Castle, you will find a theme park depicting the life of a 16th- century fortress, which offers excitement for the whole family.

 In the theme park, young and old can spend an exciting day, transform into knights and soldiers, have fun and learn about the lives of medieval and early modern people. The castle has a science chamber, a torture chamber, a death room, hell, Red Lantern Street, a barber's room, and a healer's room. The Schenkenberg's tavern in the castle serves dishes based on medieval recipes.

The castle was built on the ridge of Rakvere on the site of a later Danish castle and a German fortress on 5-6. century. Rakvere Order Fortress was built in several stages 14-16. century. In addition to the Kingdom of Denmark and the German (Livonian) Order, Russia, Sweden and Poland have also ruled the fortress. The castle was destroyed in the Polish-Swedish war of 1602-1605.

More information: www.rakverelinnus.ee


Photo:Lauri Veerde



Photo: SA Virumaa Muuseumid