Rakvere Central Square


Photo: Helen Solovjev


The central square got a new modern look in 2004.

The Central Square, completed by architects Ott Kadariku, Mihkel Tüür, and Villem Tomiste, is a beautiful place to sit down for a moment and observe city life.

Yellow domes, a large fountain, plenty of seating and small cobbled hills have brought fame to the city's representative square. In the spring-summer period, the central square delights with gorgeous flower arrangements and a cooling fountain. During the winter, the square is decorated with various winter and Christmas installations.

Next to the central square is a historical market building and one of the most representative bank buildings in Estonia designed by Ferdinand Gustav Adoff. The square is surrounded by a shopping center, shops, pharmacies, restaurants, cafes, banks, and the Tourist Information Center.


There are 2 car parks in the immediate vicinity, where you can park your car if necessary.