Rakvere Gallery

Pikk 15, Rakvere


Photo: Kaupo Kalda



Rakvere Gallery is located on the historic Pikk Street, in the immediate vicinity of Vallimäe.

The aim of the Gallery is to introduce the art of Lääne-Virumaa with constantly has changing exhibitions.

The house was built in 1908 by Julius Johannson, the wealthiest merchant of Rakvere at that time. Until 1916, Hilda Gfeser, a well-known actress-director, lived and worked in the Hat Business located in the building. In 1919-1927, the Viru County Government was located in the building.

Today, the Defense League's Viru Maleva headquarters and translation agency are located in the same building as the Rakvere Gallery.


More information: www.rakveregalerii.ee