Rakvere Town Citizen's House Museum 

Pikk 50, Rakvere


Photo: Kristina Litvjak


Rakvere Citizen's House Museum is located in the central part of Pikk Street.

The museum house is a typical 18th century Rakvere building where is a mantle chimney in the middle and a half-sloping roof. Since 1983, the building houses the City Citizen's House Museum.

In the museum you can get acquainted with the 100-year-old living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and 1930s apartment on the other side of the house.

On the second floor of the museum, there is the Black Cat Attic and the Bear Otto's workshop, where it is possible to hold birthdays, trainings and seminars.

There is a small shoemaker's workshop in the courtyard house, where it is possible to learn shoemaking and washing laundry in the laundry room without a washing machine.