Vallimägi Open Air Centre

Vallimäe tee 3, Rakvere


Photo: Kaupo Kalda


In the summer of 2020, a unique, magnificent open-air center on nearly seven hectares was completed in Rakvere Vallimäe. The performance area created between the slopes of Rakvere Vallimäe has the main stage with 4,200 seats and a forum stage (amphitheater) with 800 seats.


The area between the slopes of Rakvere Vallimäe is not only created for organizing events - Vallimäe has several corners and viewing platforms for leisure, picnics and pleasant walks. It is a 24-hour, illuminated modern green urban environment where you can enjoy beautiful views of all of Rakvere. Outside the events, the Rakvere Vallimäe Open Air Center is open to everyone FREE OF CHARGE.